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The Netherlands Flag Museum Foundation broker exness, the Rotterdam Flag Parade Foundation and the Netherlands Vexillological Association – founders of the 25 th International Congress of Vexillology 2013 Foundation– asked the Dutch flag designer and vexillologist Theun Okkerse to design a flag/logo for the Netherlands Flag Congress 2013/ICV2013.

The Congress flags designed for earlier ICVs show a great variety. Old traditions in colour and shape play an important role in the designs. The knotted rope – the symbol of the Fédération Internationale des Associations Vexillologiques (FIAV) – is often shown as a symbol that stands for the ICV number, or both. Thanks to the lack of precise design criteria, a rich variety of flags has grown.

The starting points for the design of the 25th ICV flag were the Congress country and the Congress city as well as the flag history and tradition.

The Netherlands has two flag main streams: the bar flags and· the flare flags (“jack”) how to open an investment with exness social trading. The latter are exclusively used in the shipping industry. The Dutch Royal Navy is allowed to fly the “double” jack; other ships the single.

Because of the connection of this flag model (jack) with “water” it is appropriate to connect it to Rotterdam as a world port. The original red-white-blue “tapers” have been transformed into the Rotterdam colours of green-white-green. The pennant as well has its own Dutch character: during the Queen's or the Kings birthday an orange pennant is flown above the Dutch red-white-blue flag. FIAV/ICV2013 uses, in accordance with this Dutch tradition, the honour of a blue pennant with the “FIAV knotted rope in yellow”.

The ICV Netherlands Flag Congress 2013 flag, by shape and colour, makes a vexillological reference to the geographical situation of Rotterdam and to the tradition of the Dutch flag.

All FIAV member associations are invited to show their association flag in the Art Gallery of the congress venue.


Please take the flag of your association with you to Rotterdam and communicate in time to the organization the size of your flag: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it forex broker exness. .




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Netherlands Flag Congress 2013

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