Call for papers


The Congress Organizers invite vexillologists to participate in the Netherlands Flag Congress 2013 by delivering a presentation exness trading. The Organizers will endeavor to accommodate as many acceptable presentations as the Congress schedule allows. 


Types of presentations
The Organizers welcome proposals for any of the following three types of presentations:

  1. paper: 20 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions and discussion;
  2. short presentation: 10 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions and discussion;
  3. panel: 30 minutes with a moderator and 2-4 participants exness forex.



  1. 28 February 2013      submission of abstract of presentations;
  2. 30 April 2013             acceptance of presentations;
  3. 31 May 2013              submission of final version of presentations


Program chairman & contact information

Netherlands Vexillological Association secretary, Mr. Marcel van Westerhoven, is the Congress program chairman. Please direct all abstracts, final versions and questions to:

Marcel van Westerhoven, Netherlands Vexillological Association, 250 Van ‘t Hoffstraat, 2014 RM Haarlem, the Netherlands, tel. 31-(6) 15250653, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (in all e-mails please include ”ICV 25” in the subject line).


Language and technical requirements

While papers and short presentations may be presented in any of the official languages of FIAV (English, French, German or Spanish), the congress will be conducted in English; there will be no simultaneous translation. If a language other than English is used, the abstract must be submitted in English; power point images should have English captions and a complete English translation of the text (for distribution during the Congress and for later publication) will be appreciated.

The exclusive medium for delivering slides accompanying papers and short presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt). A personal computer, projector, screen, podium and microphone will be available.



The FIAV Board will present a Best Paper Award (sponsored by the North American Vexillologicaal Association for the best paper delivered at an International Congress of Vexillology based on the paper’s contents, its presentation and its appeal to the audience exness broker.


Submitting abstracts (by 28 February 2013)              

To express interest in delivering a presentation, prospective participants must submit the following information by 28 February 2013 to the Program chairman (address above):

  1. presenter’s name, address, telephone number and e-mail address;
  2. title of paper, presentation or panel;
  3. abstract (maximum 200 words, in English) of the paper, short presentation or panel (and for a panel, the names and credentials of the moderator and panelists);
  4. any special technical requirements.

This information should preferably be sent electronically by e-mail; however a hard (paper) copy is acceptable. Prospective participants are strongly encouraged to submit their abstracts earlier than the deadline.


Acceptance of presentations (by 30 April 2013)

The Program chairman will notify prospective participants of presentation acceptance by 30 April 2013. The Program chairman reserves the right to accept or reject any paper, presentation or panel without prejudice. The Program chairman may refer any proposal to the congress Program Committee (named by the Netherlands Vexillological Association) for review before accepting the proposal.


Submitting final version (by 31 May 2013)

For papers or short presentations, upon acceptance, presenters must submit a complete copy in:

  1. publishable form (text file) AND
  2. delivery form (presentation file)

by 31 May 2013 to the Program chairman (address above).




Text files

The text file should be in Microsoft Word (.doc) or its convertible equivalent. The endnote function is acceptable and preferred to footnotes and images (preferably in color) may be embedded in the document. If possible the images should also be provided as separate files in .jpg, .tif, or .gif format (at least 150 dpi; 300 dpi is preferred). Assume publication using 8,5 x 11 inch letter (portrait) paper size. An additional file in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format may be included to guide layout.

The text file should contain (* optional items):

  1. title;
  2. name(s) of the author(s);
  3. abstract (200 words max.);
  4. full text, illustrations;
  5. acknowledgements *;
  6. bibliography *;
  7. biography of the author(s), 200 words max. and photo(s);
  8. as a separate file: English translation of the text (if a language other than English is used) *


Presentation files

The presentation file must be in Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt) or its convertible equivalent. An optional template, for consistency, will be available. The electronic submission of these files attached is preferred. Alternatively, the files may be submitted either:

  1. by regular mail on a CD/DVD, a 3.5 inch floppy disk or a USB memory stick, OR
  2. by FTP following instructions provided by the Program chairman.


All files

All files must be in windows-compatible format.

For panels, upon acceptance, panel organizers must submit confirmation of panel content and membership by 31 May 2013.

Providers who have not provided these files and information 31 May 2013 will be removed from the Congress program.

At the Congress (4 - 10 August 2013) presenters will be asked to test their presentations in advance with the Congress Technical Team. Substitutions of text and presentation files will be allowed when feasible. Handouts are encouraged. Plan on a quantity of 150 unless advised otherwise.

After the Congress its proceedings will be compiled and published by the 25th International Congress of Vexillology 2013 Foundation (Netherlands Flag Congress 2013). By submitting a paper or short presentation the author grants NFC 2013 unlimited permission to use, reproduce and publish all or part of the paper in any form as part of the Congress proceedings. The author further asserts that all images used are used by either written permission secured or available for publication under “fair use”.


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